Minor highlights of 2014

What if you tried to make a post with a gallery of pictures that were left out of your favorites? You know, these days when you intend to shoot some photos you don’t usually think of saving space, you just snap away when you think it would be at least moderately interesting to look at in the future.

Well, at least this is how I take pictures. So every photo session has at least one or two pictures that I don’t delete right away, but instead save for later. I’m sure everyone has such pictures. No defects to make it totally useless like blurred or out of focus, but still nothing remarkable. Or maybe it’s a picture you’ve decided to leave to share later and then just forgot about it.

So anyway, here’s my attempt to make a gallery of photos that will probably mean nothing much to anyone but me, but will still provide at least some insight to what my memorable moments of 2014 looked like.






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