Lisbon at night

In May of 2018 I had a chance to visit the amazing Lisbon. We stayed in a hotel called TheHouse near the Jardim da Estrela park. One of the great features of this hotel is access to a roof terrace. While I believe many places in this city allow this, it was the first time […]

The Nagano Tapes

Nagano 1998 is the first Winter Olympics that I remember watching on TV. Before that I was too young to understand sports. But this time it was properly heated up by the media because of all the NHL stars coming to play for  national teams.  I took the bait. I remember team Russia nailing every […]

You never know when you’ll need the toaster repair skill.

Dropped my toaster. Now I know how important it is to beef up the toaster repair skill. You know, to get ready for when the Wasteland happens. Let’s hope my repair today will happen without blood sausage explosions and things turning into thin red paste.

Happy New Year 2017

I hope it’s not too late yet to wish you all a Happy New Year. May it bring you more good things, good thoughts and great experiences! Надеюсь, еще не поздно поздравить вас всех с Новым Годом. Мы желаем вам в новом году больше хорошего, добрых вещей и отличных свершений!

The singing fountains redux

To tell you a little bit more about the previous post on this blog I decided to post more pictures of that fountain. The place is called The Singing Fountains, and it’s a great sight. I fear the photos don’t give enough justice to how beautiful it really is. But still, take a look!

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