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  • Riverside Porto

    Riverside Porto

  • Flooded Venice

    Flooded Venice

    When I was booking our fall vacation this year I suggested to my wife that spending a couple of days in Venice in off-season time was a good idea. She liked the idea, and we booked a two day stay followed by a train ride to Rome. I have to admit that the destructive tides…

  • Seagulls in flight

    Seagulls in flight

    This image was taken in 2017 near Cascais, Portugal. We were walking along the beach, some of my friends were trying to fly drones to take pictures of the shoreline. The seagulls became very aggressive, tried to attack the aircrafts, giving me several interesting opportunities to take pictures of them.

  • Staircase window

    Just as with the previous post, this one happened in Lisbon. But this was inside one of the houses that had a window in the center of a staircase. This reminds me to look up every once in a while.

  • Lisbon at night

    In May of 2018 I had a chance to visit the amazing Lisbon. We stayed in a hotel called TheHouse near the Jardim da Estrela park. One of the great features of this hotel is access to a roof terrace. While I believe many places in this city allow this, it was the first time…

  • Basílica da Estrela

    Basílica da Estrela

  • The Nagano Tapes

    Nagano 1998 is the first Winter Olympics that I remember watching on TV. Before that I was too young to understand sports. But this time it was properly heated up by the media because of all the NHL stars coming to play for  national teams.  I took the bait. I remember team Russia nailing every…

  • The Jet d’Eau in Geneva

    The Jet d’Eau in Geneva

  • Hot air balloon over Albuquerque

    Hot air balloon over Albuquerque

  • You never know when you’ll need the toaster repair skill.

    You never know when you’ll need the toaster repair skill.

    Dropped my toaster. Now I know how important it is to beef up the toaster repair skill. You know, to get ready for when the Wasteland happens. Let’s hope my repair today will happen without blood sausage explosions and things turning into thin red paste.

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