The singing fountains redux

To tell you a little bit more about the previous post on this blog I decided to post more pictures of that fountain. The place is called The Singing Fountains, and it’s a great sight. I fear the photos don’t give enough justice to how beautiful it really is. But still, take a look!






3 responses to “The singing fountains redux”

  1. Sam Hotchkiss Avatar
    Sam Hotchkiss

    nice! they look much smaller than the one we watched in Tbilisi…

    1. Sam Hotchkiss Avatar
      Sam Hotchkiss

      Much larger, I mean

      1. Igor Zinovyev Avatar
        Igor Zinovyev

        Yeah, much larger! Streams of water here go up to 70m in the air, and the music is much louder. When I have some time, I’m hoping to edit a video of it. Though I fear my blog would turn into a fountain review site.

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